Fogo Island Inn – Investing in a community on a remote island in Newfoundland. A remarkable story worth reading about!
Step outside and discover our seven seasons on Fogo Island. You’ll find yourself engulfed in a rugged northern landscape. Only the ghostly silhouette of a white building interrupts our untouched horizons. Amongst the ancient rocks of the Back Western Shore is where the Fogo Island Inn stands proud like a lighthouse, overlooking the Labrador Current. From afar this bold X-shaped building perched on stilts seems intriguingly out of place—and yet strangely familiar.Its sharp angles and rough contours feel at home amidst jagged and uneven land.

Contemporary in design, it still speaks the language of the outports. We bring together a rich culture, history and people. We let the past intermingle with the future. We let our traditions inspire new forms of architecture. Outside—far beyond the mainlands—is where culture and nature come together. To find out more about our community host program and guest tours contact

Source: Outside – Fogo Island Inn

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