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JANUARY 7, 2016
Bill Haggett, Pineland Farms’ CEO, has proven himself to be an adept chief executive by expanding his product offerings. He’s pictured at the Pineland facility in New Gloucester.
A shift by consumers to high-quality family farm produce has yielded potential for new market opportunities — good news for producers such as New Gloucester-based Pineland Farms, which is broadening its scope to a nationwide market, MPBN reported.
Pineland Farms is now the biggest producer of natural beef in New England.
“One of the things that we offer in our beef is the fact that our cattle have never eaten any antibiotics, they’ve never been fed any, they’ve never been treated with antibiotics,” CEO Bill Haggett told the news station.
Beyond price, how a food is produced has become a prime marketing factor, Haggett said, adding that his cattle has never been treated with or fed any antibiotics.
Pineland already operates two for-profit product lines: potatoes and cheese.
Sales this year are expected to top $100 million, a 20% rise over the previous years’ sales. Pineland’s customer list is growing by about 10% to 12% annually.
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