Could citizens participate directly in publicly owned businesses of your state or province? Food for thought.

Citizens are often told that they are “shareholders” or “investors” in publicly owned and P3 corporations. So where are my shares? Where are my dividends? We all know that our politicians have no plans to let the voters participate and profit from the businesses that we “own”. So they funnel what money they collect into channels that are often highly questionable. And the citizens seem to continue to sink into poverty in spite of the richness of their land. Perhaps that should change. This example is for NBPower a “Crown Corporation” in the Province of New Brunswick in Canada right across from Maine. But it could apply to any publicly held corporation in any jurisdiction.

The Resources We Own and Sell for Cheap

Our earth is filled with valuable assets that include quarries, our water, the lead, zinc, tin, antimony, copper, and even gold; the oil, the gas, the fish, the forests, the fields and the energy that we generate or can generate through hydro, tidal, solar, geothermal, and more.

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