The Wreckage of SS Andrea Doria is badly deteriorated according to latest findingsFeaturedInstant ArticlesNewsJul 18, 2016 As a result of a disastrous collision between a cruise liner and another ship off the coast of Nantucket six decades ago, dozens of people perished in the cold waters. Now almost 60 years after the SS Andria Doria sank a group of explorers went underwater with modern technology to analyze the wreckage and formulate the model of the ruins for further researches. S.S. Andrea Doria SourceHigh definition sonar images were taken by an underwater vessel, thanks to a group of experts working on the project of gathering as much visual data about the wreckage as possible. After the detailed imagery of the wreckage of Andrea Doria, researchers have made the alarming revelation that the wreckage is deteriorating at a faster pace than it was previously imagined. Andrea Doria awaiting its impending fate the morning after the collision in the Atlantic Ocean, July 26, 1956 SourceThe culprit involved in the collision was thick fog; in the foggy night of July 25, 1956, a New York bound Italian cruise liner SS Andrea Doria collided with a Swedish ship Stockholm, which was heading back to Europe. The Swedish Ship was picking up the pace while Andrea was at a slower speed; Stockholm ripped through the hull of Andrea causing it to completely lose the balance and also rendering most of its lifeboats unusable; shortly after the collision, Andrea started sinking.The collision and the aftermath killed 46 crew and passengers onboard Andrea; while five people died in Stockholm. Andrea took 11 hours to sink; during which time 1600 other passengers were rescued, and a massive human catastrophe was prevented.
Source: The Wreckage of SS Andrea Doria is badly deteriorated according to latest findings

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