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A Heavenly Place for Dogs and Their People
By Kim Knox Beckius, New England Travel Expert
March 29, 2016.
Stephen Huneck’s Dog Chapel in Vermont is a heavenly place for dogs. If you own a dog or have ever loved a dog, put Stephen Huneck’s Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, at the top of your list of places to visit in New England. Take your dog along if you can. Whether or not you make your pup sit in a pew, his prayers will be answered when he discovers the nature trails, swimming ponds and other delights of the 400 scenic acres that surround the chapel on Dog Mountain.
I’ve never been a dog person, but I’ve actually visited the Dog Chapel twice. (Please don’t tell my cat.) Each time, I’ve been impressed not only by the uniquely detailed chapel built by artist Stephen Huneck, who died tragically in 2010, but by the emotion and devotion that dogs evoke in so many people who have chosen to share their lives with a furry friend like Atlas, Smitty, Jasper or Punkie.
Why did Stephen Huneck build the Dog Chapel? And how can you honor the canine companions who have touched your heart? Join me on this virtual photo tour of Stephen Huneck’s Dog Chapel for answers and a preview of this heavenly place for dogs and their people.
Lots more at:: Visit Stephen Huneck’s Dog Chapel in Vermont

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