Abandoned mines and deserted islands, Zodiac boat rides and foraged meals … all this awaits you in Newfoundland.
Join us for a week full of adventure, storytelling, and windswept landscapes. We’ll visit three of Newfoundland’s most unique and historic locations: its capital of St. John’s, the port town of Harbour Grace—one of the oldest towns in North America—and Bell Island, a place brimming with natural beauty, local legends, and lore. You’ll head home with a sense of the tenacious, charming, and improbable nature of Newfoundland itself.This trip is limited to a small group of 12 curious and intrepid explorers.


  • Abandoned history: From World War II barracks, batteries, and mounted artillery crumbling into the cliffs, to rusting behemoths of bygone industries, you’ll be walking through the corridors of history—colorfully adorned in ever-evolving graffiti.
  • Plant folklore, foraging, and fresh cuisine:  During our week together, we’ll take a cheesemaking workshop, cook over beach fires, and enjoy fresh-caught seafood prepared by a gourmet chef.
  • Boat rides and hidden beaches: While on Bell Island, we’ll climb down to secluded beaches and set out in small crews on Zodiac boats to the nearby Kelly’s and Little Bell Islands, once pirate hideouts and now nesting grounds for rare seabirds.
  • Local lore and legend: Bell Island is known as “Canada’s X-File Island,” and you’ll hear age-old tales of priests and pirates as well as local stories of hags, shape-shifters, and spirits. Equipped with top-of-the-line Coast headlamps, we’ll head out on some dusk and after-dark explorations.


Felicity Roberts is a rural Newfoundlander, certified herbalist, farmer, writer, wild food advocate, and self-described relic. Most comfortable on the barrens cutting heather to dye wool or hanging off the edge of a cliff harvesting rare berries, she specializes in both culinary and medicinal applications of local flora and the folklore surrounding them. While living and working in the city, Felicity has made it her goal to explore every rural museum, abandoned site, and cool rock formation she can find around her home peninsula, the Avalon, and she occasionally writes about travel.


A $500 deposit is required to secure your spot, as we have a limited capacity, and we expect the trip to fill up quickly. This deposit is nonrefundable after three days. The trip will cost a total of $3,350—the $500 deposit plus the $2,850 final payment—and will cover all fixed costs, including all accommodations, meals, and activities listed in the itinerary below.




Please email us at trips@atlasobscura.com or call us at (646) 961-4857 with any questions about the itinerary, logistics, or payment.

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