Have you ever heard this scream? Let us know if you have.

Mountain Lion screaming!!! Parliament Of Owls

Originally published on Apr 11, 2015. Updated December 2018

So here’s a female mountain. Much to my surprise, she passed by last weekend screaming, probably out looking for a male lion. After she screams, she returns seven hours later and decides to lay down for a few minutes, right in front of the camera.
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4 thoughts on “EXTINCT? If you hear this … you have a Mountain Lion!!!

  1. We have one f those roaming around here in Stratham New Hampshire, she comes out at sunset to the river. Beautiful animals. Great footage!

  2. Yes, Nashwaaksis Fredericton area. Late 60’s
    Heard by five of us. Chillingly sounded like a woman screaming. Will never forget it.

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