Projected sea level rise will change many of our familiar coastal areas …

like Maine’s famous Old Orchard Beach. The question is, “How will we respond?

The possible changes are clear in these two map projections for a 2 degree C rise and a 4 degree C rise in temperature. See the references below for more information.

Please give the maps time to load and then click to explore and enlarge.


Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Natural Resources Council Maine

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1 thought on “ISSUES – SEA LEVEL RISE: Will it be the end of Old Orchard Beach as we know it?

  1. A few years back my family and I moved back down here from Aroostook county. I grew up making frequent visits to Bay View and Camp Ellis. My children grew up making frequent trips also. And now I bring my grandsons. When we arrived back from living in the county, I brought 2 of my grandsons to Bay View. I believe it was high tide at the time, there was in some areas barely any room to walk. I have never seen it like before, it had also been about 5 years since I had been back. So right there my friends is a prime example that global warming is in fact getting worse.

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