Tim and Amy Sheehan, co-owners of Gulf of Maine Inc. in Pembroke, are bringing innovation to the tradition-bound clamming industry in Washington County. Their efforts appear to be paying off: They anticipate gross sales of $2 million by year’s end for their wholesale seafood business.
PHOTO: JAMES MCCARTHY Clam hoes and rollers, made locally, are sold at cost at Gulf of Maine Inc.

Gulf of Maine Inc.

81 U.S. Route 1, Pembroke
Owners: Tim and Amy Sheehan
Services: Buy and sell softshell clams, periwinkles, whelks, scallops, eels/elvers and crabs. Also provides scientific marine specimens (e.g., live invertebrates, plankton and various seaweeds and fish) to aquariums, colleges and universities and teaching laboratories.
Revenues: Expects 2015 sales to exceed $2 million
Contact: 726-4620

By the numbers: Clam harvester income

Average clam-digger’s yearly income (Dig 300 tides/year, 65 days off)
Dig 1 bushel (50 pounds)/tide:
300 tides/year X 50 pounds = 15,000 pounds/year
Average price: $2.25/lb. X 15,000 pounds = $33,750 yearly income
Dig 1.5 bushels (75 pounds)/tide:
300 tides/year X 75 pounds = 22,500 pound/year
Average price: $2.25/lb. X 22,500 pounds = $50,625 yearly income
Gulf of Maine Inc. three-year clam price averages
• 2013: $1.40/pound
• 2014: $1.75/pound
• 2015: $2.45/pound (year to date)
Types of harvesters
• Student: 10 to 50 bushels/year @ $2.25/lb. | Income: $5,000 to $6,000/year
• Summer: 50 to 100 bushels/year @ $2.25/lb. | Income: $10,000 to $12,000/year
• Full time: 300 to 500 bushels/year @ $2.25/lb. | Income: $50,000 to $60,000/year
Source: Gulf of Maine Inc.
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